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myBUBAprints makes vibrant and statement accessories using colourful African Kente Prints. We believe accessories are what brings together the perfect outfit so why not make yours stand out with bold prints and a Heritage behind it. . myBUBAprints was founded by Moniola Cann inspired by her family and dedicated to families around the world. We offer a range of accessories for males and females and children and adult, made using authentic, beautiful and fun African prints directly sourced from Ghana in West Africa. We are currently working on bringing you our most popular prints in satin silk material for the most premium accessories to complement your Fashion style. 

The future of our planet is important to us. This is why all our products are packaged in branded gift boxes which are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. For a special touch when gifting these, a personalised gift tag with a personal message can be added to any purchase absolutely FREE.

Our brand is concerned with making a difference and every order from us makes a difference, not just to us, but to people in other parts of the world. £1 from every order made on our website or physically, is donated to 'Change for Ghana' charity who are pioneering change in Ghana and making a difference in poorer parts of Ghana. They use our donations to specifically help young children in Ghana. Click here to find out more about change for Ghana (external website)

 We hope to make both adults and children proud to wear an accessory from myBUBAprints and tell others that they have just donated to a charity by purchasing our beautiful accessories and will make a difference to many children's lives.


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